Monday, 13 July 2009

James Lovelock & Vivienne Westwood


Following all the work Vivienne Westwood has been doing for her campaign 'Active Resistance', her latest interview with one of the worlds leading global warming scientists, James Lovelock certinaly proved interesting. The Letchworth Garden City scientist is arguably one of the most up front scientists, who just says it how it is, without adding any of that crazy mumbo Jumbo you need a science PHD to understand. Going strong at 90, he is best know for his hypothesis called Gaia, in which he describes the world as a living superorganism, to put it simply.

Vivienne rattles his brains, and asks him what we can do to help prevent global warming. But Lovelock implies basically that theres nothing we can do!

"in the last few
years, ice that is in the north polar regions… it’s all going and the whole lot will be gone in between five and twenty years. When it dies, the amount of extra heat absorbed from the sun during the Arctic summer will be equivalent to all of the heat from all of the CO2 we’ve added to the atmosphere. So, suddenly the heating doubles and that’s something we can’t stop at all. We can’t do a thing about it... and that’s only one of many what we call ‘positive feedbacks’ in the system where the earth is moving rapidly to its hot state. We’re not going to stop it. So, what we should be thinking about is not trying to stop it, but preparing for the new world that is to come. It’s not a bad world but it’s not fit for seven billion people."

Read on people!! i think its somethink we should all be concerned about! Heres where you can :

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